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Alegre_Ramos, MBA

Alegre Ramos, MBA, LEED AP, MOM believes we can change the world in one-generation if everyone lets their spark shine. A LEED AP designer, Alegre has been practicing sustainable interior and landscape design for over a decade and has lived the green movement personally her whole life giving up soda at 11, nail polish at 18 and hair chemicals at 20. However, her life has not been a perfect upward trajectory in her quest for optimum health. At 21 her health hit rock-bottom when she became seriously ill after exhausting herself with school/work and surviving on sugary breakfast cereals and frozen pizzas. Thus began her foray into nutrition and exercise. At 27 she suffered from adult onset cystic acne. Thus began her foray into cleansing. At 32 she began to prepare herself mentally and physically for pregnancy. Thus began her education into natural childbirth and parenting. All of these experiences have led her to a place of health, wellness and vibrancy that she previously had not known was possible.


Her first business, Green and Greener (G&G), an eco-consulting and design business, was founded in 2004. In 2006 she added a retail component because, “There was no one place to go and find a comprehensive range of eco-products.” G&G was more than a store, it became a community resource with classes and events . In 2012 Alegre spun-off her speaking and workshops into Ember Living and was tapped by Howcast, a top 10 YouTube channel, to be their Green Living Expert for a series of 50 “Basics of Green Living” series, which launched in November 2013 and received over 250,000 views its first month.


She has written or been featured in numerous articles published in-print and on-line including the LA Times, The Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy and has appeared on CBS, the Discovery Channel, E! and Univision. She is an award-winning speaker and has been asked to present at events for the City of Los Angeles, UCLA, and the LA Green Festival to name a few. She was also recognized as a Rising Star by the SFV Business Journal and was hand-picked to be one of the designers for Global Green’s Annual Oscar Party where she created an enchanted forest with LED lightbulbs.


An avid cook, she launched her first food product in 2012: Gazpacho Shots, a gourmet one-step gazpacho mix. A fourth-generation food entrepreneur, she was inspired to create the product after living in Spain and never finding a gazpacho that she liked.
Before embarking on her own entrepreneurial ventures, she launched many new products in the home/shelter industry and managed the marketing of numerous national public radio programs, including all of the Marketplace franchise. Alegre home-schools her daughter and is an advocate for better information and education regarding pregnancy, delivery and infant care in the U.S. You can find her musing about all things creative, sustainable and delicious  at


Alegre Ramos Speaking Topics


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Lifestyle Topics
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