Chanti Niven

Captivating Speakers


Multiple award-winning public speaker, professional trainer, and presentation coach, Chanti Niven (DTM), is the founder and CEO of Captivating Speakers LLC ( and Club Captivate (
She jokingly says her mission is to save the world from terminal boredom.  Anyone can stand up and speak, but it takes real skill to captivate an audience and leave a lasting impression.


  1. WHAT IT TAKES TO CAPTIVATE  – How to bypass the brain’s biological inclination to block information to deliver a captivating message that sticks. Learn what it takes to captivate and develop the skills you need to really stand out as a speaker.
  2. BOUNCE BACK, BOUNCE UP  – Chanti experienced a dark period of personal tragedy and trauma over a span of 5 years in South Africa, including violent crime, near death and blindness. She shares compelling stories out of Africa, including surprising revelations about the birth of a giraffe, to share her personal survival secrets and to help people learn the skills they need to not only survive but thrive. Chanti has been able to turn tragedy into triumph, and trials into transformation. She believes our greatest gifts hide under the rocks of our greatest challenges. Learn to turn your challenges around and make them your greatest victories.
  3. UBUNTU – I AM BECAUSE WE ARE – Using the African principle of ‘Ubuntu’ Chanti shares how to connect with others in more meaningful ways, sharing fascinating stories out of Africa, including the warrior’s creed, “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to far, go with others.” She highlights the importance of connection, collaboration and community in this powerful talk that’s designed to build team spirit, engender greater cooperation, and help individuals and groups develop their power of ubuntu for the greater good of all. 
All Chanti’s talks are geared for audiences from young to mature. She has taught her program in hundreds of schools to thousands of audiences and also to adults and corporates, including Cheesecake Factory, Serta, FedEx, Caliber Collision, Keller Williams, among many others.
8-10-minute mini-presentation/introductory talks. 
20-minute talk
1-hour Keynote
2-hour Seminar.