William Hung

Business and Personal Development Speaker

William Hung

From his experience working in the entertainment industry and overcoming rejection, he learned the importance of perseverance to make dreams become reality.
After American Idol, he appeared on Extra, Ellen, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, to name a few. He also recorded 3 albums for KOCH records and his first album, “Inspiration”, was the #1 independent album on Billboards! Also, he appeared in numerous commercials, including AT & T, AskJeeves.com, and Jack in the Box. His fans celebrate the impact he has on their lives. He now hopes to help YOU maximize your potential and wants YOU to achieve YOUR dreams as an inspirational speaker. Audiences include business groups, associations, and conferences.



Presentations for Business and Personal Development

1. Speak Out!

If you are afraid to share your true feelings or your bold ideas with other people, you’re not alone! This 15-40 minute message will appeal to a wide variety of individuals by:

  • Replacing doubt with confidence
  • Finding the inner courage to be vulnerable in front of people to share relevant personal stories
  • Building long-lasting relationships by having honest yet tactful conversations with other people

2. From Notoriety to Prosperity

Are you looking to make your own unique impact in the world? How do you find your unique identity? Ideal for entrepreneurs, in this 15-40 minute presentation, your audience members will discover how to:

  • Break their mental barriers to success and their true passion and build their business by following their true passion
  • Find their true passion and build their business by following their true passion
  • Embrace their identity by stop over-worrying about the perceptions of people around them

Contact William via Email: info@williamhung.net